The disk space function shows the full volume of info that you could have on your shared web hosting server at one time. With a home PC, for instance, this would be the capacity of a single hard disk or the overall volume of all of the hard drives in case that your PC has more than 1. The same way that your space on a personal computer is divided between installed applications, docs, your music etcetera, the server hdd space is usually shared between site files, databases and e-mail messages. Each file, folder or e-mail takes a little storage space on the server, and that means you should take into account a lot of factors, not only the size of the files that you will upload. To give an example, having sizeable email attachments or running a script-driven website where the user-generated content material is kept in a database also affects the space you use.

Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting

In order to suit the processing potential behind all our cloud website hosting plans, we have considered and employed the perfect solution for the disk space - your account will not be generated using a single server, but on a cluster platform. As a result, what we've designed is an entire group of servers that is dedicated to the file storing only, hence you should never worry about running out of hard disk space and having to migrate to an additional server since your existing one can't accommodate more content. In the event that an additional space is necessary, we simply attach more machines to the cluster, so that the hard drive space is practically unlimited. Needless to say, all of our Linux shared web hosting packages were made to be employed for sites, not for a database of big files. We have distinct machines for your databases as well as the e-mails.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Owing to the fact that all of our semi-dedicated server packages are really powerful, we've decided never to limit the disk space feature when we have created them. Our reason is that if you employ a powerful package, it is quite possible that you have a lot of site information, so every semi-dedicated server package gives you limitless disk space, which will allow you to concentrate on enhancing your web sites not be concerned whether you'll suit an allowance. Your web hosting account will be made on a cloud web hosting system in which the files, databases and emails use their own groups of servers, so not only will the machines function more efficiently given that just one type of system processes will operate on them, but also you'll never have to worry about the hdd storage since we're able to attach as many servers or hard disk drives to each cluster as needed.

Disk Space in VPS Web Hosting

All of our virtual private servers include disk space allocations proportionate to the computing power that you receive with each and every plan. Using a higher package, for example, the chances are greater you'll host multiple domains or a big website, hence your hdd space will increase as you upgrade your package. If you choose our Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all of the domains will share the storage, and if you select cPanel or DirectAdmin, you're able to make separate website hosting accounts and set a limited amount of the entire VPS storage for every specific domain name. You can even reallocate hdd storage from one domain to another when necessary. If you obtain a certain VPS plan and then you want extra space later on, you are able to update to a greater plan with just a couple of clicks from your billing area. The extra resources will be added to your existing plan with no downtime or content migration.