A spam filter is a piece of software that’s installed on an email server and keeps track of all incoming messages so as to stop any unwanted ones from entering a specific mailbox. Several instances of such emails would be: offers for pills or cash, fake banking notices or attachments that contain malicious code sent with the idea to infect your computer. Email filters normally examine the content of an email message and in case they spot specific keywords or other suspicious content, they either erase the message or forward it to the Spam/Junk folder instead of the Inbox folder. Certain hosting companies mix their own email filters with up-to-date databases from spam-tracking organizations, so as to ensure higher levels of protection for their clients. Such databases contain patterns, mail server IP addresses and other info about spam email messages recently detected by these organizations.

Spam Filters in Shared Web Hosting

In case you decide to host your domain names with our company and you pick any of our Linux shared web hosting packages, you will be able to enable spam filters for any email address that you create. With several clicks in the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you can switch between 5 different protection levels. In case you continue to get junk email messages or the filters start preventing genuine email messages from entering your mailbox, you can switch to some other level just as easily. The efficiency of our spam protection solution is ensured by one of the most famous spam filters – SpamAssassin. In case you don’t want to risk missing an authentic email that may be regarded as spam because of its content, you can also create custom filters based on the sender, the subject or the body of the email message and forward the emails to another email account where you can view them later.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting

In case you take advantage of one of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, you will not have to worry about junk email messages cramming your mailboxes every now and then, as you can resort to the popular SpamAssassin spam filter that we offer with each and every semi-dedicated account. Our in-house developed Hepsia Control Panel will allow you to enable the filter for any mailbox with several clicks of the mouse and you can choose one of the 5 safety levels – from very high to very low. The level can be changed at any moment if, for instance, legitimate email messages get blocked, or if junk emails go through and appear in your Inbox folder. To take no chances, you can choose all filtered messages to be redirected to a special mailbox such as spam@your-domain.com and not to be deleted. Thus, you can examine them every now and then to ensure that you haven’t missed out on a genuine message.