With the Domain Name Manager included inside the Site Control Panel, it is possible to manage all your domain names with ease, within the same spot you manage your web sites. And additionally HostingBox.biz’s Domain Name Manager is brimming with all of the tools you need to effectively deal with every aspect of your domains.

Multiple Domain Control

All of your domains in a single place

From the HostingBox.biz Site Control Panel, you’re able to work on a wide range of web sites and domain names simultaneously. Our Domain Name Manager makes it simple to control the various popular features of your domain names – WHOIS information, name servers, customized DNS records, domain locking, etc. It’s also possible to park infinite number of domains, reroute domain names, trigger WHOIS Privacy Protection, and so on.

With just a click, you are able to control your websites’ files, databases, e–mail accounts, or inspect your latest site stats.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Be in charge of all your DNS records with merely a mouse click

The DNS supervision interface of the Site Control Panel features an option to create and edit all types of DNS records for any of the domain names that you have got registered or moved to your website hosting account. These records have integrated A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. Assuming you have changed a DNS record yet would like to retrieve the original values, you can do this with just a mouse click on the Revert button.

With the DNS Manager, it’s also possible to register name servers that are based on your domain, such as: dns1.your–domain.com and dns2.your–domain.com. This will aid you to make your brand extra well–known to your users!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park all your domains in barely a single step

Domain Parking is a popular solution that can be used to get engaging domain names and put them online with no need to have websites. It’s easy to park as much domain names as you wish with the Domain Name Manager of one’s Site Control Panel. Parking a domain will make it present an ’Under Construction’ webpage, a "for sale" page, as well as point the domain to a different web site.

And when you’ve got your web site ready, you can host back your domain name with just one single click of the mouse! Your freshly published website will come on the internet immediately.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Rapid domain re–direction

You can certainly point a domain to another web link due to the straightforward features in the HostingBox.biz Domain Name Manager. You can create redirections to both domains hosted inside of your web hosting account and domains on external servers. With just a mouse click, it will be easier to pick out the domain that you want to reroute and after that stipulate the website url of the host you’d like to have it to forward to. To undo a re–direction, click on the ’Host Domain’ button and then our platform will rapidly forward the domain straight back to your Linux shared web hosting packages account.

You will need domain name redirection to forward many domains to 1 website. By way of example, if possess a brand name (your–brand.com), you’ll be able to forward just about all fashionable domain name extensions to your principal web site (your–brand.net, your–brand.info, your–brand.org, your–brand.biz, etc.) to ensure that nobody can take the domain name and ’steals’ your users.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Protect your information from mistreatment

Each individual domain name you register consists of your personal information that are generally visible by the community. While there is a chance that someone takes advantage of your data for spamming objectives, you might have a look at a WHOIS Privacy Protection service. It will disguise all sensitive information from the community, to ensure that when someone makes a WHOIS check, they’ll solely look at generic information in lieu of yourpersonal information.

But don’t worry, if someone has got to make contact with you regarding your domain – all contact requests will still be shipped to your e–mail address.

Hepsia File Manager


Needs to have for your web store.

An SSL will give your visitors an assurance that the website is safe and sound to make online orders or become a member. It’s going to secure all of the susceptible details that’s transported between visitors and your website and will hinder pretty much all endeavors for mistreatment.

Within the Domain Name Manager in the HostingBox.biz Site Control Panel, it’s easy to request an SSL certificate for your personal internet store or community web site. Simply just decide if you would like your SSL certificate to be for 1 or many different sites and then click the Request button. Your SSL certificate is going to be installed on your behalf in a few minutes.

Hepsia File Manager